A note on the future

Listen!  Our fate is in our hands.

There is no one who will save us – on earth or in heaven.

“We are the ones
we have been waiting for.”

The potential maturity of the human species is that we will discover and implement ways of living on earth that are sane and sustainable, and this will be a result of our “growing up” into the full humanity of our consciousness and consequent behavior.

There is no other solution to the problems we face as a species now.

We have created these problems and we need now to solve them through worldwide collaboration and community that embraces our differences and affirms the underlying unity of our living on earth together.

The future and our fate are truly our responsibility and we have the potential wisdom and power and love to make the earth habitable and healthy for the coming generations.

Each of us has a part to play and a gift to give.

Let’s do it!

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