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Note: new website to launch in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!

The Concord Institute remains open on a limited basis. I, the director, Thomas Yeomans, continue my individual consultation practice on spiritual crisis and long term mentoring and my writing, as well as some teaching and lecturing. Programming this year (2019-2020) will be limited, but I intend to resume the training programs at some point in the future. Publications are available through this website, and referrals for training can be made to other kindred centers in North America and Europe through contacting me at the Institute.

If the ongoing work of the Concord Institute is of interest to you, please write and request that your email address be added to the Institute's mailing list, so that you can receive notice of events connected to the Institute's work.

The Concord Institute has offered programs and services to the professional public, both in North America and abroad, for fifteen years (1990-2005), and has now entered a new period of development. As always, we are seeking to respond to the changing needs of the times. We do this by offering programs and services that speak to the increasing engagement with, and understanding of, the spiritual dimension of human experience, beyond any particular religious context, and the responsible and conscious cultivation and expression of its wisdom, power, and love within the context of daily life.

It is clear that we need such new perspectives on psychological and spiritual development and greater awareness of how these aspects of our experience affect the ways we live and work and relate to each other on the planet we share as a species. We are at a crisis point in humanity's evolution, and the need to discover new ways to dwell peaceably and sustainably on earth together has never been greater.

The work of the Concord Institute is dedicated to this common human need. In this spirit new programs and new forms of service to the larger community will emerge over the next years, and existing programs may be offered again, if they serve this end.


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