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A note from the founder,
Thomas Yeomans, Ph.D.

This “new” website for the Concord Institute has a very specific vision and purpose, rooted in the particular history and work of the Concord Institute over the last thirty years (1990-2020) as a professional training institute in Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychology. I am enlarging and transforming the site now as a response to the critical conditions in which we, the human species, find ourselves.

These include our economic, social and political systems being overstretched and/or dysfunctional, wealth disparity, the emergence of authoritarian movements, out of control climate change, and, most recently, a global pandemic. In response to these emerging conditions I believe it is imperative that we further awaken and develop the consciousness of the human species in order to deal with these crises effectively, and, through emerging species maturity, discover and develop ways to restore the social and ecological health and well-being of the planet earth and to transform our ways of living on it.

Much effort is being made to address and deal with these “outer” problems, but without concomitant “inner” change and maturation, these new solutions will not hold in the long run. We need to change who we are as a species on earth and how we live together on this precious planet.

More specifically, as my professional life comes to a close, I want to serve this vision and purpose by gathering in one place the written and artistic pieces that have come from the five decades of my work in the fields of Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychology. I therefore am transforming a professional training institute that conducted programs in this country and abroad for thirty years into a virtual Archive and Resource Center, a node on the world wide web, so that people can access this material easily and make use of it wherever they are on the planet.

This “new” site is essentially educational and its layout makes available past and present resources of the Concord Institute. These include books – Holy Fire: The Process of Soul Awakening (2020) and Soul on Earth: Readings in Spiritual Psychology (1999), occasional notes, papers, talks, videos, and interviews.  Most of these are free to download. Two recent books are for sale at reasonable prices.

I also include on this site some of the history and background of the Concord Institute. A vision statement marks the opening of the site and it closes with a reflection on our possible future. All this is offered in the hope that it will be useful to present and future generations.

I extend every good wish to you, wherever you are on the planet.

Thomas Yeomans, Ph.D.

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