As I have said, the purpose of this site is to gather in one place my thinking about the development of human consciousness and the work of supporting this development and maturation in both professional and personal contexts. These documents derive from thirty years of professional work to further the exploration, advancement, and understanding of Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychology. In time these resources, particular to me, will be augmented with work from kindred thinkers and writers, so that the Center comes to provide a wider and wider range of materials devoted to this question of human consciousness and its impact on person and planet.

I will be the initial curator of the Archive, but beyond my lifetime, there will be others who will carry this on, if there proves a need for it. I consider myself seeding here what may grow into a sizable garden of nourishing thought and practice. This expansion can also begin now by listing links to relevant material and sites. The structure of the site will change as needed to express the vision behind it.

The Archive and Resource Center will initially house and make available at no cost the material developed by myself, Thomas Yeomans, over this time period (1990-2020). This will take the form of articles, occasional notes, interviews, and video presentations. My two books will be for sale here. My older book, Soul on Earth: Readings in Spiritual Psychology (1999), and my recently published book Holy Fire: The Process of Soul Awakening (2020). 

The paintings on the site serve as illuminations for the various sections. These are works that I have done over the years as I explored the experience of psycho-spiritual development through this medium. They have taught me a great deal and I want to include them in this way as an aspect of my work.

Books for Purchase

Holy Fire: The Process of Soul Awakening

This book is about human beauty, the deep beauty of the soul as it emerges and shines more fully within us. It is about the process by which this emergence comes into being, and the vicissitudes of the journey that we take in order to be fulfilled in this way. It is a report from the 50 years or so of what I have experienced and learned from working with others to support and nourish this soul birth and journey within their lives, and it is also a reflection on my own experience of this birth and journey and the experiences along the way that have led to understanding this process more clearly and deeply.

Available for purchase on Amazon.


Soul on Earth: Readings in Spiritual Psychology

This collection of seminal papers on dimensions of Spiritual Psychology represents the initial work that I did in the 1990s to delineate the principles and practice of a psychological orientation that would both honor and include the spiritual dimension of human experience, integrate it with the other dimensions of our experience, and would consider, in the same frame, the social and planetary aspects of spiritual experience and how these levels impact individual psycho-spiritual development. As a whole, the papers speak to the process of soul realization within the context of daily life on earth.

E-book available for purchase here:

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